Dual Beam Monitor


INVISA-BEAM® Dual Beam Bed Monitor monitors both sides of the bed with continuous invisible beams. When a patient at-risk of a fall attempts to first leave the bed unaided, the invisible beam is broken, immediately raising an alarm. It is either directed to a nurse-call system, an INVISA-BEAM® Invisalert or Remote Alarm.

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INVISA-BEAM® Dual Beam Bed Monitor is very flexible. Using its telescopic arms, the monitor can be adjusted to accommodate beds varying in width from approximately 1000mm to 1350mm. The monitor can also be raised to approximately 790mm for beds using bed rails or lowered to within 450mm off the floor for low level beds.

INVISA-BEAM ® Dual Beam Bed Monitor is free-standing. This allows the hospital bed patient to be transported in their bed for treatment. On return, the bed is placed in the same position and the monitoring system

  • Aids for Falls Prevention from beds.
  • Alerts the nurse at the earliest stage, when the patient attempts to leave bed
  • Patient Security
  • Alerts the staff of any unauthorised entry to the bed
  • Mounted on a pedestal
  • Monitors both sides of the bed with precise invisible beams
  • Bed free of equipment and cables
  • No switches
  • Monitor alarm cancels when the nurse enters the field of the bed
  • Monitor alarm automatically resets when the nurse leaves the bed
  • Activity at the bedside recorded – a management tool

The INVISA-BEAM Dual Beam Monitor comes as a standard unit including the following components:

  • The benefits conferred by this warranty of INVISA-BEAM® Dual Beam Bed Monitor are in addition to all other rights and remedies in respect of the product that the consumer has under the Trades Practices Act and other State and Territory Laws.
  • Subject to the following conditions, we provide from the date of purchase, the following warranty –
  • For 1 year from the date of purchase, we will replace any parts made defective in workmanship, and make all necessary adjustments, free of charge, provided the equipment is used for the purpose it is intended.
  • The INVISA-BEAM® Dual Beam Bed Monitor must only be used with Power Supply ELJINTEK Model MPU30B-3 to comply with the above Standards, otherwise the warranty may be voided.
  • This unit must not be connected to any voltage other than the specified voltage – 12 volts DC.

Dual Beam monitor with nurse-call cables, Dual Beam monitor with remote alarm, Dual Beam monitor with Invisalert (pager)