Frequently Asked Questions

Q What does it do?

INVISA-BEAM monitors use invisible beams to monitor the bed/chair of a resident/patient at risk of fall.. The patient is not disturbed by these beams and not restricted by them. If the patient starts to move from the bed or chair, the invisible beam is broken and the alarm triggered.

Q Why should I use INVISA-BEAM ?

 It saves regularly checking on the patient. Without this device, if the patient falls, they could be left on the floor unattended for sometime.

Q Where is it used?

Aged Care Facilities
Home Care

Q Who is it for?

Patients too weak to stand
Wanderers…..just to mention a few

Q What do I get if I buy INVISA-BEAM Bed or Bedrail Monitor?

This standard package monitors one side of the bed

Q What do I get if I buy INVISA-BEAM Chair Monitor?

This standard package Chair monitors.

Q Where does INVISA-BEAM bed monitor fit on the bed?

The INVISA-BEAM clamps to the bed head of most beds.

Q Do I need more than one INVISA-BEAM bed monitor?

Often one unit is sufficient. If a patient exits either side of the bed then an extra bed monitor is required to cover both sides of the bed.

Q Does it take long to set up the INVISA-BEAM bed/chair monitor?

 No With the ‘Quickstart’ Instruction Sheet, it is only a matter of minutes to set up.

Q Can I see the light beam?

 No The beam is invisible.

Q Is there a reflector for the light beam?

 No. It does not require a reflector – a big advantage.

Q Will the beam harm people?

 No. The beam is infrared, It is not harmful to people or animals. It is not a laser.

Q Will I set off the alarm if I walk past the end of the bed?

 No. The beam is only as long as the bed, so people at the end of the bed will not set off the alarm.

Q What if the patient exits from one side of the bed only?

Only one bed monitor is required if the bed is against the wall or the patient exits from one side only.

Q How would I use INVISA-BEAM for home care?

The INVISA-BEAM Chair Monitor model is more suitable for home care and comes with its own remote alarm.

The remote alarm can be located anywhere in the home such as the kitchen or bedroom, etc.

Q Where would I place the chair monitor?

Beside and forward of the chair so it is in line with the knees.

Q Where else can the chair monitor be used?

 It can be placed near the toilet; also across doorways of exit.

Q What standards and medical approvals does INVISA-BEAM have?

INVISA-BEAM conforms with Standards
AS/ANZ 3200.1.0 and AS/ANZ 3200.1.2
IEC 60601-1 + A1 + A2 and IEC 60601-1-2
TÜV SÜD PSB Pte Ltd – Certificate SG3123
Listed medical device – ARTG Product No 173950