I would like to congratulate you on your invention, the Invisa-Beam bed monitor. We originally purchased two devices which have been very successful in the reductions of falls, in our nursing home at St. Johns Village In. We have since purchased two more monitors, as our care staff believe that they are the best device they have used to reduce the risk of falls at our facility. I would also like to thank you for your assistance and prompt service with regards to setting up the devices to suit our facilities’ system. I would recommend that other organisations with similar concerns consider this device.

Michael Cathie

Maintenance Manager. St. Johns Village Inc.

Rangeview Private Nursing Home has utilized the Invisa-beam during the past 18 months. Staff here found it effective in reducing incidents of falls by alerting staff to at risk residents attempting to get out of bed unassisted…Invisa-Beam was also an impressive tool during our accreditation process. The system is easy to install and is user friendly and I would have no hesitation recommending it to other Aged Care facilities.

Anita Dove

Assistant Director of Nursing. Rangeview Private Nursing Home

Edith Bendall Lodge is a low care facility with ageing in place, thus our residents have varying degrees of need in regard to assistance with daily living and safety issue related to mobility. Those residents who are prone to falls from bed have been greatly assisted with the above mentioned sensor alarm fitted to their beds. The sensor alarm was introduced to Edith Bendall Lodge by Mr Bautovich, a regular visitor to Lodge and we were very pleased to trial his invention. The incidents of falls from bed have been greatly reduced since the introduction of the sensor alarm and I would highly recommend the alarm for any person who is a potential falls risk from bed.

Kathleen Turner

CEO/DON. Edith Bendall Lodge

“The Invisa-Beams are a fantastic innovation. We used to have so many “false alarms” from movements in bed and they are now significantly reduced. This means the staff overnight are more aware of residents who are really trying to get out of bed.”

Trisch Leschen

Residential Site Manager.Eldercare Trowbridge House.South Australia

I have recently utilised a prototype version of the CONSENG Invisa-beam product in the care of my 88 year old father. Dad suffers from a moderate case of dementia which is progressively getting worse. A related ailment is Sundowner Syndrome which results in disorientation and ‘wandering’ during the evenings. Dad is also quite unstable and suffers severe mobility problems as a result of severe degradation of his knee catilages. The combination of these conditions leads to potentially dangerous situations during the night when Dad has often been found wandering the house, yard and streets. The Invisa-beam product provides an invaluable early warning of when Dad attempts to get out of bed and allows us to deal with the situation before it becomes dangerous or results in a fatal fall. The product was easy to install and calibrate and worked flawlessly. I have no hesitation in recommending the product to carers or aged care facilities.

Kevin Whitley

CEO KWA Design Group Pty Ltd