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The INVISA-BEAM Chair Monitor is an early warning monitoring device that gives positive detection for falls prevention. It uses an invisible beam to monitor a defined distance in front of a chair. INVISA-BEAM Chair Monitor is also suitable for use at toilets and doorways.

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  • INVISA-BEAM Chair Monitor uses an invisible beam to monitor a defined distance in front of a chair
  • Listed Medical Device ARTG Number 173590
  • Conforms to Standards AS/NZS 3200.1 and IEC 60601.1
  • Battery Operated
  • Portable
  • Wireless Communication

The INVISA-BEAM Chair Monitor comes as a standard unit including the following components:


▪INVISA-BEAM Chair Monitor constantly monitors the chair patient/resident
▪Alerts nurse/carer immediately patient/resident to leave their chair
▪Reduced falls = reduced costs
▪Less trauma
▪Less injuries
▪Less paperwork


▪Allows the patient/resident complete freedom in the chair
▪No Cables
▪No restraints
▪No visible lights
▪Safe to use – low voltage operation


▪Locate the INVISA-BEAM Chair Monitor in front of a chair or a door
▪To be used with remote alarm, alternatively pager
▪Align the sensor in front of the chair or across a doorway
▪To be used with remote alarm or pager

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  • 24 Months on Electronics and 12 Months Warranty on all other items

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